XCMG Stories at Eastern Economic Forum Russia

Year 2018 and 2019 mark Years of China-Russia Local Cooperation & Exchanges. On September 11, local leaders of the two countries attended the Dialogue Meeting in Vladivostok in Russia, which was one of the most important bilateral activities in the 4th Eastern Economic Forum when the Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping was visiting the city for the event. It was also the largest event in the history of China-Russia local interchanges, which was attended by the highest-level leaders of the two countries. Mr. Lou Qinjian, the Party Secretary of Jiangsu Province, shared one XCMG story when addressing the Dialogue Meeting.

In June this year, Russia hosted FIFA World Cup and the whole world was enjoying the sport carnival celebrated every four years. Behind the wonderful matches were great contributions made by cranes from XCMG, a heavy-machinery manufacturer based in Jiangsu, China. From Moscow to St. Petersburg, from Sochi to Kaliningrad, the stadiums were renovated. “In its own way, Jiangsu Province cheered for FIFA World Cup and for Moscow”, Party Secretary Lou said proudly.

The above is the excerpt from an article published in the People’s Daily dated on September 12, which told how XCMG equipment made outstanding contributions to the FIFA World Cup in Russia.

At the Forum, Party Secretary Lou said Jiangsu is the province in China with strongest power in manufacturing industry and XCMG is a representative company of China’s manufacturing industry. When visiting XCMG at the end of last year, the Chinese President Xi Jinping climbed into the driver’s cabin of the all-surface crane developed by XCMG on its own, encouraging us to push forward quality development with independent innovations. The Excavator Index is a major parameter measuring economic growth. Engineering machinery of XCMG is favored in Russia, proving the country is embracing a brighter future.


Challenge extremely cold weather, XCMG equipment helped build Yekaterinburg Stadium.


XCMG cranes helped build Volgograd Stadium.


XCMG equipment helped build principal venue of FIFA World Cup in Russia


The venue in FIFA World Cup Russia


Over the past two decades, XCMG has built the local office while engaging in leasing business. Headquartered in Moscow, XCMG Russia has established 15 marketing outlets and contracted with 50 authorized dealers covering six administrative regions in the country to serve local customers and provide one-stop solutions.

Over the past two decades, heavy machinery from XCMG worked together with famous companies in Russia to serve the Yamal natural gas project in the extreme cold weather, in the under-water navigation in the Lake Baikal hundreds of meters deep, in the Moscow subway project, Moscow New City Project, Moscow highway project, high-speed railway project, natural gas pipeline project and Crimea Bridge project, etc. XCMG brand has gained great popularity in the engineering field in Russia.


In minus 20-degree environment, XCMG LW500K loader worked hard to secure the unblocked traffic


XCMG worked on science probe in Lake Baikal in Russia


XCMG XG480D helped build Moscow subway


XCMG equipment helped build New Siberia Highway Bridge


XCMG equipment helped build the third-largest highway bridge in New Siberia City


XCMG mining equipment is working in Yamal Mine in Russia


XCMG Makes Better World

While helping Russia develop its economy, XCMG employees have also established deep friendship with Russian people. With their actions, XCMG employees are practicing the core values of “shoulder big, act big and achieve big” while working actively on local charity projects.

Before the June 1 International Children’s Day, XCMG held the Global Charity Travel, Russia Stop in an orphanage in Moscow. All employees of XCMG Russia were there to say hello to handicapped orphans and donate toy trucks and stationery for the kids. They were welcomed warmly and praised highly by the orphanage staff and local people.



XCMG staff were playing with Russian kids


Encouraged by XCMG Chairman Wang Min who advocates “global charity & precise charity”, XCMG works persistently to identify the international and precise path towards charity. It participates various charity activities and gives materials, funds and spiritual care to those needy people, thus conveying to the world its vision XCMG Makes Better World.